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Our Mission

Making business accesible to anyone

MBA degrees are among the most expensive master's degrees you can get. Master's degree costs can range from $30,000 all the way up to $120,000. We offer our student an incredible learning opportunity for less than a tenth of that price.

The success of our students is the lifeblood of our business

We want to help every single one of our students build/scale a profitable online consulting business in record time. While we cannot guarantee results directly, as all buisness entails risks, hard work, patience and persistence, we give our students all of the tools, strategies and information that they need to guide them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Reforming the traditional education system

According to Forbes: "Sixty percent of U.S. college graduates cannot find a full-time job in their chosen profession." It's time to change that.

The Consulting Formula

Step 1 - Foundations & Fundamentals

Without the proper foundations, your business will fall apart. That's why we insist on laying solid foundations from the start.

Step 2 - Mindset & Life Set Up

The truth is that business tactics alone will never make you successful on their own. Even though this is not a technical phase, our students think it's one of the most transformational parts of Consulting FastLane.

Step 3 - Finances

We help consultants understand the basics of finance, taxes, accounting, bookkeeping, client communication, and more.

Step 4 - The Science of Sales

Sales are the oxygen of a business, this is why we give our students all of the tools and information that they need in order to master the art of sales.

Step 5 - Finding Clients

Having great products and services is amazing, however if your company has no visibility, you will not be able to grow. This is what makes finding clients such a crucial part of the process.

Step 6 - Service Delivery

Most consultants severely underestimate the importance of creating workflows, of systemizing their business or hiring contractors to help them fulfill the work for their clients.

Step 7 - Scaling Into The 7-8 Figures

Looking to scale beyond the 6 figure level? We teach you everything about the science of scale by taking a look at examples such as Amazon, Uber, and many more.

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